$1.6 Million to local state schools

Students in Noosa are set to benefit from the second round of Great Results Guarantee funding.

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes MP welcomed the announcement on behalf of local students.

Mr Elmes said that almost $1.6 million would go directly to Noosa schools in 2015 which is more than $500,000 greater than last year’s allocation.

“The Queensland Government has a strong plan for the State’s future which is why we are working hard to revitalize frontline services, particularly education,” he said.

“Local schools have already experienced the benefits of the Great Results Guarantee initiative and this funding boost will continue to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes of our students.”

Mr Elmes said the funding would empower principals to invest in programs and initiatives that will make a real difference in their school by targeting areas for improvement.

He praised the community involvement aspect of the Great Results Guarantee.

“Schools are encouraged to involve their community in deciding how to invest the funds and their guarantees are published on their website,” Mr Elmes said.

“The more involved a community is with the school the more likely students will enjoy a successful educational experience.”

Mr Elmes said that a total of $183 million would be provided to all Queensland state schools next year, a $52 million increase on the $131 million provided in 2014, the first year of the Great Results Guarantee.

“This increased investment is taking the Newman LNP Government one step closer to our vision for Queensland to be among the top performing states in literacy and numeracy by 2020,” Mr Elmes said.

“The Great Results Guarantee is allowing schools to direct funds where they are most needed.

“Through the Guarantee and the programs it makes possible, primary schools can ensure our youngest learners acquire a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills for long term results” Mr Elmes said.

“The Great Results Guarantee base funding amount for secondary schools has increased in 2015 to $230 per student which of course includes our Year 7’s moving into high school next year.”

Mr Elmes said that on top of per-student funding allocations, additional funding was also allocated to schools with students in Years 3 to 12 who were not demonstrating sound achievement in mathematics and English.

“It’s about making sure that every student’s needs are recognized and addressed with the learning support they need,” Mr Elmes said.

Mr Elmes said the Great Results Guarantee investment was the result of the Australian Government’s Students First – A fairer funding agreement for schools initiative.

For more information on the Great Results Guarantee, visit www.education.qld.gov.au/resultsguarantee