15 August 2017

Calling all voters to Noosa TAFE

While certainty for the future of the old Noosa TAFE facility remains in question, one of the many dilapidated buildings will be given a new lease of life and will become one of the locations to cast your vote at the next state election.

Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said that in what he sees as an unfortunate public relations gaffe, the Attorney- General, Yvette D’Ath has agreed for the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) to locate a polling booth, including a pre-poll at the abandoned site, where the inaction of the Labor Government, and its failures to deliver for the electors of Noosa, could not be more on show.

“If the Labor Government’s appalling track record on asset management is not on your mind when you go to cast your vote, it certainly will be when you get there. Take one look around and you will see what two and half years of Labor has done for you and what another four years under Labor might look like.

“The Attorney-General answered a Question without Notice recently in Parliament where she said for the very first time that she would consider applications for temporary uses of the site, including that from the ECQ, who will use the old TAFE administration building.

“The truth is that at about 10 seconds to midnight in electoral terms, the Attorney General has agreed that the TAFE can be used temporarily, and on this occasion it is a state government entity, the ECQ, that will help off-set costs from another state owned entity.

“If the site were to be leased in its entirety, the scale of the work involved to repair all of the buildings, windows and grounds to bring it back from decay will be labour intensive and costly. While I welcome the Attorney-General’s invitation to lease applicants, I question just how genuine the offer is, given that the election looms large and there is no hint at all of a permanent solution.

“Having said that I am more than happy to test the Attorney-General on her word, and will forward any formal written proposal for a temporary use of the site to her for consideration.  I look forward to the community’s interest,“ Mr Elmes said.