Certainty? Certainly!

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has acted to ensure that the new Noosa Council will have a significant voice in the Noosa on Weyba development.

Amendments proposed by Mr Elmes to the Local Government and Legislation Amendment Bill passed in State Parliament last night mean that the new Noosa Council will have a say in the approval of the project.

The project site will be bisected by the boundary between the new Noosa Council and Sunshine Coast Council.

“The Newman Government under the leadership of Minister for Local Government, David Crisafulli, has worked hard to get out of the way of local government but to strongly support it to do its job,” Mr Elmes said.

“We believe that local people are in the best position to determine how decisions which impact on their lives and their quality of life are made.

“Those decisions are best made at the local level by local representatives which is why I have fought so hard and so long and so successfully for Noosa to get its local council back.

“The Noosa on Weyba development application was made to the Sunshine Coast Council under the legislation in place at the time.

“It’s not for the State to step into that process part way through and it is not how we have been conducting ourselves under the ‘hands-off’ principle.

“Noosa on Weyba has significant implications for Noosa’s traffic and the capacity of its existing sewerage plant, so the new Noosa Council should have a say in whether or not it goes ahead.

“Thankfully, State Development Minister, Jeff Seeney, and Local Government Minister Crisafulli both responded positively to my concerns that might not be the case because the application wouldn’t be finalised before de-amalgamation takes effect on 1 January next year.”

Mr Elmes said the application rests with Sunshine Coast Council till the end of the year, but the amendments guarantee the new Noosa Council will have a concurrence role in deciding the outcome if the application isn’t finalised before New Year.