Labor soft on criminal gangs

State member for Noosa Glen Elmes has said changes made by the Palaszczuk Labor Government last week in Parliament to water down serious organised crime legislation will see a return of criminal bikie gangs and their illegal activities to Noosa.

“Not only did the Premier vote in favour of the LNP’s tough laws on criminal gangs when Labor was in Opposition, but her new laws, which she claims to be so proud of, are not scheduled to come into effect for another two years.

“The LNP’s legislation drove criminal gangs out of Queensland  and made the State safer, including in Noosa with the Rebels abandoning their club house. 

“Under Labor Bikie clubhouses will reopen, bikies will be allowed to carry weapons and bikies will once again be free to run licensed premises.”

“The new laws make it easier to access weapons and get a weapons licence; reduce police powers to stop, search and detain suspected criminals; water down bail laws so criminals are back on the streets quicker; and remove laws that prevent criminal gangs from recruiting members in jail.

“By using legitimate business shop fronts, such as locksmiths and tattoo parlours, tow trucks etc as a disguise, these gangs conduct covert criminal activity cleverly slipping through cracks and defeating the law enforcement efforts. 

“I know how important law and order is to residents in the Noosa Electorate. In my Noosa’s Biggest Survey, 77 per cent of respondents supported the LNP’s tough stance on criminal motorcycle gangs, 84 per cent thought current sentencing DID NOT reflect community standards, and 95 per cent supported tougher measures to deal with domestic violence.

“Under Labor, we will see the return of chaos slowly as criminal outlaw gangs push the boundaries of existing laws as they’re phased out, and look forward to Labor’s watered down laws that are not due to come into effect for two years after the Commonwealth Games is held on the Gold Coast,” Mr Elmes said.