De-amalgamation News

The Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has assured residents of the reconstituted Noosa Council that the de-amalgamation process is being done in the fairest and most efficient way possible.

Mr Elmes said he’s working closely with Transfer Manager, Peter Franks, to make sure the cost comes in under the $13 million predicted by the Queensland Treasury Corporation, although it will be more than the $4 million predicted by the Noosa Alliance.

“Anyone who believed that unscrambling the Bligh Government takeover of Noosa was going to be either quick or cheap was mistaken,” Mr Elmes said.

“The people of Noosa were aware when they voted for de-amalgamation that the reconstituted council would bear the cost.

“The size of the ‘yes’ vote indicated it was a cost they were prepared to bear.

“My promise to the people of Noosa is that the Transfer Team, headed by Peter Franks, is doing everything possible to keep that cost to a minimum.

“I’m aware of concern that the Sunshine Coast Council is charging Noosa for work being done by staff in support of de-amalgamation.

“Under the guidelines set down, the Regional Council is certainly within its right to charge the new Noosa Council for this work. To do otherwise would be asking ratepayers of the on-going Regional Council to subsidize Noosa. That is not and never has been the intent.

“However, these costs will become a saving for the Sunshine Coast Council budget, and Noosa will be reimbursed its share of the savings when budget transfers occur as part of the de-amalgamation taking effect from 1 January 2014.

“This means that Noosa ratepayers won’t be paying twice.”

Mr Elmes said he had raised with Local Government Minister, David Crisafulli, some suggestions on how the de-amalgamation cost can be lessened for Noosa ratepayers, and was hopeful of a positive response.