Electorate Update - Noosa News, 6 June 2017

Last week in parliament the Labor Government and Queensland cross benchers, joined forces to pass on another 3.5 per cent increase in car registration, slugging families with this increase each and every year.

 Queensland Labor has been in government for three years and for three years we have seen car registration increase annually by 3.5 per cent. Contrary to what the Labor party would have us believe, Labor has form when it comes to taxing Queenslanders, as demonstrated by the Bligh Labor Government which increased car registration by a staggering 30 per cent

 When in Government the LNP froze car registration costs for three years and have committed that any future rises will be kept in line with CPI – not double the inflation rate like we’ve seen under Labor.

 Families, seniors and young people just starting out are hurting financially, and this latest cash grab will do nothing to relieve their stress.

 If you feel as strongly as I do about this unfair hike in car registration sign the petition at fairerrego.com.au or call into my office to sign a paper version.

 Only the LNP has the experience and competence to power up the economy, generate jobs and manage the state’s debt. In government we will better manage resources; build stronger families, and provide safe and liveable communities.

 As your State representative I would love to hear your views about what you and your family think are the priorities for the Noosa Electorate, which now includes the communities of Pomona, Kin Kin and Cooran following the Electoral Redistribution announced last week. Please email me noosa@parliament.qld.gov.au or visit glenelmes.com to complete an on-line contact form.

Glen Elmes MP
Member for Noosa