Glen Elmes highlights Greens' deception 

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has cautioned the Greens candidate for Noosa to deal in fact not fiction if he wants to be taken seriously in the upcoming State Election.

Mr Elmes said he was as concerned as other constituents must have been when he saw the claims about a future downgrading of services at Noosa Hospital, so he contacted the Health Minister immediately.

Mr Springborg provided the following response:

Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, has dismissed comments by Greens Candidate, Joe Shlegeris, and reassured the Noosa community that public patients will continue to access Noosa Hospital well into the future.

“The Greens candidate should hang his head in shame for spreading this nonsense,” Mr Springborg said. “Mr Shlegeris should deal in facts and not his own misinterpretation.”

“The current contract with Ramsay Health Care runs to 30 June 2020.

“There is absolutely no suggestion and absolutely no likelihood that services for public patients at Noosa would cease or desist after 2020 – all that is demonstrated here is the lack of knowledge by a very green, Greens candidate.

“I work extremely closely with Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, and I have given my word that as long as the LNP government is at the helm, health services will continue to be provided and public patients at Noosa Hospital is a given,” he stated.

Mr Elmes said this was the first time the community had heard from the Greens candidate, and the sound they heard was deception.

“The claims are wrong, misleading and only serve to cause anxiety in the minds of Noosa residents,” Mr Elmes said.

“If he wants to be taken seriously, I encourage him to deal in facts only.”