4 September 2017

Have your say on recommendations for Bodies Corporate

As Noosa is home to a large number of properties that are governed by bodies corporate, many locals will be interested to know they can have their say on the largest overhaul of Queensland property law in decades.

Member for Noosa Glen Elmes MP said QUT’s Commercial and Property Law Research Centre have been conducting a review into two aspects of property law on behalf of the state government. One review is about the administrative and procedural issues affecting bodies corporate under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act), and the other is to find out if some lot owners and bodies corporate in a number of mixed-use and resort developments would be better off being governed under the new BCCM Act instead of the older Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980 (BUGT Act).

“These extensive and complex reviews cover various elements of property law in Queensland, including seller disclosure, neighbourhood issues, body corporate matters and issues around by-laws." said Glen Elmes.

“Following extensive public consultation on the BCCM Act, QUT have made 64 recommendations to the Queensland Government which are intended to streamline and modernise administrative processes, reduce red tape, improve transparency in decision making, facilitate legislative compliance and increase consumer protection.

“The next step in this process is to get feedback on these recommendations from lot owners, committees, body corporate service professionals and anyone else with an interest in community titles schemes. Consultation closes on Friday October 6 October 2017.

“Regarding the Review into the effectiveness of the BUGT Act, QUT are seeking views on whether lot owners and bodies corporate regulated under the BUGT Act would benefit from provisions comparable to those in the BCCM Act. This issues paper also considers the option of transitioning bodies corporate operating under the BUGT Act to the BCCM Act. Consultation closes on Friday 22 September 2017.
For more information and ways to get involved in both of these reviews visit the Department of Justice and Attorney General at the link below.

“If you would like assistance please contact my office on 5319 3100,” Mr Elmes said.