Friday 23 June 2017

Queensland’s first Veterans’ Affairs Minister and Policy

An LNP State government will provide improved services, more opportunities and stronger representation for our retired servicemen and servicewomen as part of our plan to build a better Queensland.

In a Queensland first, the LNP have launched a comprehensive plan to assist ex-ADF personnel transitioning back into civilian life.

“Queensland is home to around 50,000 veterans (more than any other state) and they deserve a state-based policy that provides better services and more opportunities for them,” Mr Elmes said.

“If an LNP Government is elected at the next state election, Queensland will lead Australia in the recognition of and assistance we provide former ADF Members.”

Mr Elmes said the LNP’s comprehensive plan would build better services and better communities by helping veterans in five key ways.

“We will appoint a Minister for Veterans responsible for leading strategies aimed at ensuring that State Government services are better targeted to this group.  This could include initiatives such as delivering a veterans’ homelessness strategy,” he said.

“We will commit to a public service veterans target to increase the number of ex-ADF personnel working in the public service and provide proper recognition of their military training and how that fits into roles within the Queensland Government.

“This will see more veterans working in the Queensland public service, with their extensive skills, training and experience ensuring we deliver better government.

“We will appoint a senior representative in the public service as the Veterans’ Champion to mentor and establish a network of veterans in the public service.  We will also make sure Queensland Government job websites are updated to provide more information to ex-ADF personnel about the jobs that best link to their skill set.

 “We will create a $2 million Veterans Transition Grants Program, for ex-service and defence welfare organisations to access and fund programs that help veterans to transition back into civilian life and another career after leaving the Defence Force.

 “As Minister Assisting the Premier in the Newman Government, I was responsible for Veteran Affairs, a role which included the Centenary of Anzac celebrations, successive funding rounds which are still ongoing, and the restoration of Anzac Square in Brisbane. I was also proud to form a Queensland Veterans’ Advisory Council and am pleased to see that this policy will see the Council become a permanent fixture in an incoming LNP Government,” Mr Elmes said.

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