Glen Elmes welcomes kerbside clean-up

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has welcomed the news from the new Noosa Council Mayor–elect, Noel Playford, that he plans to reintroduce the kerb-side pick-up of hard rubbish.

“My recent Noosa’s Biggest Survey canvassed this issue amongst Noosa residents.

“It was no surprise to me that this question brought the highest positive response, Mr Elmes said.

“Almost 94% of respondents said YES to the question “Do you believe that once-a-year collection of hard rubbish items should return under the new Noosa Council?”

“This is an overwhelming demand.

“The LNP listened to the people of Noosa, committed to a policy and then, as the Newman LNP Government, acted within the First 100 Days to allow the community to have a vote on de-amalgamation,” Mr Elmes said.

“I am immensely proud to be part of the Government that gave Noosa its Council back.

“We listened to what the community said it wanted consistently over a long five years of battling the odds and then kept our promise.

“I am equally proud now that the judgement of the people of Noosa in electing a Noosa Council which also listens to its community is being vindicated so early in its term by return of the kerb-side clean-up and by expressing the clear intention it has of being open, transparent and inclusive,” Mr Elmes said.

“The Newman LNP Government in partnership with the people of Noosa has put “local” front and centre in the new Noosa truly local government,” Mr Elmes said.