Response to Labor EDV pledge 

“The Labor Party shows nothing has changed in the autocratic way it deals with local government with the promise from the Opposition Leader that a Labor Government would unilaterally force the EDV area to join with Noosa Council.

“Current Opposition Leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk, was part of the Beattie and Bligh Cabinets which rode roughshod over Sunshine Coast local government with the forced amalgamation of Caloundra, Maroochy and Noosa Councils.

“Now they’ve promised to do the same again with a pledge to force the Eumundi, Doonan, Verrierdale and Weyba Downs area to become part of Noosa Council.

“It shows that Labor has learnt nothing about the appropriate way to treat local councils and the people they represent.

“The LNP promised to restore democracy in Noosa and offer the Noosa community their right to a say about the forced amalgamation and we delivered on that promise in government.”

“I support the joining of EDV with Noosa Council provided that Noosa and Sunshine Coast Councils can agree on a fair process which considers the needs of all residents.

“I was disappointed to hear that Sunshine Coast Council decided last week to oppose the merger, even before considering a submission from the EDV group.

“That’s as undemocratic as anything Labor did under Beattie and Bligh.”