Letter to the Editor, Sunshine Coast Daily - Rail Line Truth

17 December 2015
The Editor
Sunshine Coast Daily

Dear Editor

I take exception to your editorial “All pollies responsible for rail snub” where the person responsible for the editorial takes aim at LNP MPs because, in the Daily’s words, “they too did precious little when they were in government to ensure funding for this vital piece of infrastructure was set in stone”.

Your readers might remember that the previous LNP government set aside approximately $520 million to upgrade and duplicate the rail line between Beerburrum to Landsborough as part of our Strong Choices policy.

The people of Queensland rejected asset sales and the LNP government at the last election and our commitment to getting on with the job of duplication of the rail line this term died with that defeat.

The results of Labor’s reckless, almost criminal spending by the Bligh government have now come back to haunt this new administration which does not seem to have learnt the lesson of good fiscal management.

Earlier this week the Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review on Queensland’s Labor Party Budget was handed down and to quote the Australian Financial Review of 16 December “Queensland’s total debt has blown out by almost $1 billion since June, expenses are growing, revenue is lower than expected and the state has no plans to reclaim its top credit rating”.

Prior to the last election Labor promised to prioritise the duplication of the North Coast Rail Line and when contacted on Wednesday 16 December by your journalist I supplied him with a copy of the promise taken from Labor’s Manifesto and also two Questions on Notice submitted by me in May and October this year to the Deputy-Premier asking for details on where the fulfilment of this promise by Labor for the Sunshine Coast was up to.  Copies of the Questions were supplied to your journalist together with the Deputy-Premier’s Answers which at best, show Labor’s plans proceeding at a slow snail’s pace.

The LNP put its policy and its ability to fund projects like the duplication of the North Coast Rail Line to the people but that policy was rejected.  Labor has promised the duplication also.  They are in government.  They have two years to run in their term and two years to get workers in place and the duplication started as per their promise at the last State Election.

Yours sincerely
Member for Noosa