9 November 2016

LNP led justice charge for Survivors of child sex abuse

State Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said State Parliament has passed ground breaking legislation giving child sex abuse survivors in Queensland greater access to justice, after the LNP forged an agreement to remove the limitation period on child sex abuse claims.

“Until now, survivors of child sex abuse had just three years from their 18th birthday to lodge a claim against their alleged perpetrator. When you consider the crippling trauma child survivors experience, the overwhelming task of seeking justice is often not an option until well into adulthood

“Every survivor has the right to justice, which is why all survivors – whether they were abused in institutions or not – should be covered by these laws.

“In an Australian first, this legislation was extended by the LNP to include survivors who may have been pressured into accepting a settlement in the past, because of previous time limitations.

“Survivors who, with little or no bargaining power, signed settlement agreements in respect of time-barred claims will be able to apply to a court to review, and if appropriate reopen these agreements.

“This is a proud milestone for the Queensland Parliament. The LNP led the charge and galvanised the Palaszczuk Labor Government into action and today we’re seeing real change. Survivors can have their proper day in Court and a second chance at justice.

“The LNP has a strong track record of standing up for victims of crime, having established the Child Protection Commission of Inquiry to chart a roadmap for the future of child protection and increasing funding for victims advocate groups when in Government.

“We also introduced laws to allow survivors of crime to read their victim impact statements in court.

“I’m proud the LNP was able to lead the way on these important changes and make a real difference to people’s lives, Mr Elmes said.