Friday 6 October 2017

Lottoland will kill local newsagents and rob charities and the State of tax revenue

There are many different lotteries available for locals to buy tickets in but online newcomer Lottoland is not Australian and is not at all what is seems.

Member for Noosa Glen Elmes MP is standing up for local newsagents and calling on the State and Federal governments to ban the online gambling betting company ‘Lottoland’ from operating in order to protect genuine law Australian lotteries and lottery agents.

“Unlike real lotteries where you buy a ticket from a real lottery agent in a real lotto draw with real lotto balls, playing Lottoland is actually gambling on the outcome of the lottery without actually having a ticket in a real Australian lotto draw.

“Lottoland operates exclusively online and passes consumer’s bets to EU Lotto Ltd, which is a bookmaker in Gibraltar. Not one cent spent on a ticket in Lottoland is collected from the State in taxes and therefore not one cent is reinvested in the community.

“Lotteries contribute more than $1.1 billion in state lottery taxes each year through the 4000 family run lottery agents nation-wide. The sale of lottery tickets generates approximately 50 per cent of a newsagent’s income and taking this revenue away will be catastrophic to these small businesses.

“Not only will these local businesses be impacted, but so too will the not for profit sector who share in the $53 million dollars each year from the Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

“Fewer taxes being collected from lotteries will also translate into less money for hospitals, schools, and roads which is why I have written to Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt urging him to follow other states and make it illegal for Lottoland to operate in Queensland. I have also written to the Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield asking him to ban the online company from operating in Australia all together.

Join the campaign to ban Lottoland and visit to find out more.