2 November 2016

Main Roads Minister: Sunshine Butterflies need your help

State Member for Noosa Glen Elmes called upon the Minister for Main Roads in Parliament last week to intervene in bureaucratic nonsense, and stop local charity Sunshine Butterflies from having to pay for unnecessary road infrastructure at the expense of the many disabled kids and their families the group supports.

“Previously I met with the Minister’s senior advisor to explain in detail the ridiculous situation which has come about as a result of a Material Change of Use Application for the charity’s new property at McKinnon Drive Cooroibah, known as ‘Our Backyard’ which includes a hobby farm.

“Sunshine Butterflies have been asked to pay for the construction of two dedicated turning lanes to enter and exit the property, which defies logic on two counts: Firstly, the group has already built a dedicated entrance and exit to the property; and, secondly a more cost effective decision to improve safety for all road users is available to the Minister, he just needs to make it.

“The current speed limit along this stretch of road is 100km per hour, which is too fast given there is a number of private dwellings and a family day care nearby. The simple reduction in speed limit to 80km per hour would arguably benefit all road users and would cost next to nothing.

“Courtesy of a free bus service provided by Sunshine Butterflies, which operates outside the morning and evening peaks, Sunshine Butterflies is responsible for just 1.7 per cent of traffic volume. Slogging this valuable community group with the bill to install infrastructure on a state owned road simply does not pass the fairness test.

“There is no doubt that the disability services and care provided by Sunshine Butterflies has, and will continue to, save all three tiers of government considerable funds. It is ridiculous to expect this charity to redirect funds, much of it donated in good faith, away from their cause to fund unnecessary road works.

I call upon the Minister to see reason and intervene to ensure the best outcome for all” Mr Elmes said.  ENDS