Do you have a healthy heart?

This week is the Heart Foundation’s annual Heart Week and State Member for Noosa Glen Elmes is urging everyone to get their blood pressure checked.

“Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of death for both males and females in Queensland. Males are often hospitalised with heart disease at a younger age and have a higher death rate than women.

“Two-thirds of heart disease deaths in Queensland are preventable. The main preventable risk factors affecting the heart are:

• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Physical inactivity
• Excess weight
• Unhealthy eating and
• Smoking.

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago and religiously take the medication prescribed to me by my Doctor. This along with a concerted weight loss campaign over the past few months, I am pleased to report my blood pressure is perfect and I have lost nearly 10 kilos, Mr Elmes said.

Heart Foundation Queensland CEO, Stephen Vines, said Heart Week was a great opportunity for Noosa residents to focus on the ‘engine room’ of their body, their heart.

“Our heart is an amazing organ that doesn’t demand a lot of attention but we should have a heart health check regularly,” said Mr Vines.

This Heart Week the Heart Foundation is focusing on high blood pressure as it is the biggest risk factor for heart disease.

“High blood pressure is often called the ‘silent killer’ because there are no obvious symptoms but it can have a huge impact on our heart and our health,” said Mr Vines.

“I’d encourage everyone to get their blood pressure checked with a GP or health professional on a regular basis,” he said

For more information visit or phone the Heart Foundation’s free heart health information service on1300 36 27 87.

[ENDS] For more information contact Noosa Electorate Office