Tuesday 17 October 2017

No place for coal mines in Noosa Shire

State Member for Noosa Glen Elmes MP has written to Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Anthony Lynham and the CEO’s of Coal Stream and Bauple Exploration who have permits to explore Cooran for coal,  insisting there is no place and no appetite and absolutely no community support for coal mining anywhere in the Noosa Shire.

“While it is impossible to protect the entire community from developments that not everyone may agree with, there would not be a single person, local or tourist, which would support coal mining in this Shire. Noosa is an international destination and one of the most lucrative and successful tourism markets in Queensland – a threat to this pristine environment would be an economic disaster for our community.

Having spent many years living in the Bowen Basin, I have experienced first-hand the economic prosperity that comes from mining, both from the resources from which Queensland has benefited greatly, but also from the local economy. While job creation is one positive aspect of mining, a coal mine in the Noosa Shire would destroy more jobs than it could possibly create.
“In my opinion, until such time as renewable energy becomes 100 per cent reliable then there is a place for clean coal. Without clean coal the price of electricity which is already crippling local families will increase further and we will have failed in providing affordable, efficient and reliable energy solutions to the community.

“It is essential we get the mix right and the timing right for any changes to our energy supply, but there is no doubting that the coal industry is on notice and must be forced to innovate.

“Coal mining in Noosa Shire would be an environmental travesty and while I question the likelihood that any exploration will find coal in extractable quantities – I applaud the Cooran Earth Rights group and in particular Helen Moffitt with whom I have met, for their informative and balanced perspective on energy production, Mr Elmes said.