Noosa subcontractors in danger again

Glen Elmes MP Member for Noosa has slammed the Palaszczuk Government’s stacking of the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) with Labor lackeys as a slap in the face for local construction workers and ordinary homeowners.

“Just days after I spoke out against the Government’s Industrial Relations Bill in Parliament (Wednesday 30 November 2016) and predicted Labor’s QBCC will be ‘stacked with retired Labor stalwarts and ex-union stooges” the inevitable has happened. 

“Labor’s new Industrial relations laws which were passed last week despite the Opposition’s overwhelming disapproval sees the replacement of the LNP’s independent Industrial Relations Commission, which was presided over by a Supreme Court Judge, with Labor’s union-stacked QBCC.

“The Chair of the QBCC has been announced and is none other than former State ALP president and ETU boss Dick Williams. Former ALP Minister Robert Schwarten who presided over Labor’s health payroll debacle which cost Queensland taxpayers more than $1.25 billion has been rewarded with a seat on the Board along with a number of construction sector union mates.

“The QBCC plays a critical role as the building industry’s regulator, licensing contractors, resolving defective building work disputes and providing insurance to protect ordinary homeowners from dodgy work and practices.

“With the QBCC board now stacked we will once again be governed by the unions and their outdated policies and will see the return of bullying claims being assessed by bullies. This will cost our construction sector dearly.

“In addition, these new laws will see commonsense reforms made by the previous LNP government removed including: register of political party spending, loans, credit cards, grants, and donations; the disclosure of political party affiliations and salaries of the highest paid officials and board members and alarmingly, the removal of financial management training for finance officers,“ Mr Elmes said.