Old TAFE issue must be resolved

Glen Elmes, Member for Noosa, recently asked a Question on Notice of the Attorney General on the current operating costs for the closed Noosa TAFE College. (copy attached) The response shows that, in the 7 month period July 2015 to January 2016, this empty facility is still costing Queensland taxpayers money.

“I specifically asked for a breakdown of costs, including council rates, electricity and water, maintenance costs for buildings and grounds,  employee and security costs. In this 7 month period the costs totalled $88,900:” Glen Elmes said

“I know the Labor Government is conducting a review into TAFE and I have been at pains to point out to the Attorney General that this collection of buildings should not now be included in this review.

“Courses continue to be conducted in Noosa, with The J being utilized for this purpose. TAFE themselves have told me that they have no interest in going back to the site.

“The Attorney General understands my concerns and that the community wishes to see this facility be returned to local ownership so that training for local job opportunities can be established” Glen Elmes said.

“In my correspondence with Yvette D’Ath, and in our conversations on this matter, I know she is interested in doing the right thing. My challenge is to convince her to act sooner rather than later, before the buildings fall into complete disrepair” said Glen Elmes.


The Noosa TAFE College closed in June 2014 after student numbers had fallen from 714 in the 2006/07 year to 265 students in the 2013/2014 year. Of those students, 40 were from local high schools and did not attend classes on campus.