Noosa to Vote

The Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has welcomed the decision to put the de-amalgamation of Noosa to a vote by the local community.

“This day has been a long time coming but how sweet it is. I savour this moment. Santa has come early,” Mr Elmes said.

“The decision by the Minister for Local Government brings Noosa another tantalising step closer to my goal of repairing the damage done by the former Premier, Peter Beattie, who took from Noosa residents their right to have a say on the council to best serve their interests.

“The former Premier even changed the State Constitution to deprive my community of its democratic right to a vote.

“Now, in just a few short months and thanks to the LNP honouring its election promise, the Noosa community will decide its own future.

“From Day One, my commitment has always been for the electors of Noosa to exercise a democratic choice on whether they wished to be part of an amalgamated regional council which they had been forced into or whether they wanted a genuinely local council.

“I am very, very pleased that all our hard work, all our passion, our relentless commitment to restore democracy to Noosa has been successful,” the local MP added.

Mr Elmes paid a special tribute to Friends of Noosa and the Noosa Independence Alliance.

“Friends of Noosa have never given up, not for a moment did their determination waver. They galvanized the community, harvested its indignity and maintained the rage against the loss of their local council over five long years,” Mr Elmes said.

“Then, under the stewardship of Noel Playford, the Noosa Independence Alliance prosecuted the case for de-amalgamation both before and after the recent State election. The NIA submission to the Boundaries Commissioner was a standout in its professionalism and it is a monument to the team which put it together.