Tuesday, 10 October

Noosa dental waiting list sky-rockets under Labor

In a clear sign that Noosa’s health system is rapidly deteriorating under Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor, dental waiting lists in the public hospital system have blown out dramatically.

Glen Elmes MP Member for Noosa said that recent figures show that in the past year, the number of Noosa locals waiting between 12 months and two years for general dental care in the public system has sky-rocketed from 0 to 359.

“Noosa residents are now waiting longer and longer for access to public general dental care under this incompetent Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“Labor’s mismanagement of the Noosa health system is clearly not limited to ambulance ramping at our Emergency Departments as these latest dental waitlists show.

“All this from the political party that claims to care for Queensland’s most vulnerable – what a terrible joke.

“Labor have had three years to give Ramsay Healthcare the assurance they so desperately need for the future of Noosa Hospital, the lease for which expires in just 3 years. Not even when I announced the LNP’s policy to guarantee the Noosa Hospital’s future with a 30 year lease and an additional $5 million indexed annually for public services were Labor interested in Noosa’s health care system.

“Under Labor there is no security for the Noosa Hospital, no direct public transport services to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and outrageous waiting times for basic dental services. Labor don’t care about Noosa.

“Labor’s track record with public health management is appalling. Queensland must never forget or forgive Labor’s $1.2 billion health payroll debacle and the $17 million Fake Tahitian Prince scandal.

“Only the LNP has a plan to provide better services for families and build a better Queensland – so you and your family can get ahead.” Mr Elmes said.