Proof of NPA claims must be produced 

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, said today that if there is proof of illegality with a deal done between the Beattie Government and Noosa Parks Association then the evidence should be produced and action taken against any individuals identified.

Mr Elmes said he supported the great work done by the Parks Association across the many conservation activities in which it is involved, but obviously would not support any breaches of the law.

“The Noosa National Park is one of the state’s iconic Parks, thanks largely to the persistence, determination and lobbying by the Noosa Parks Association. This and much of the work done by the NPA is a credit to them,” Mr Elmes said.

“With regard to the Double Island Point lighthouse, I visited it for a couple of hours some years ago, and can attest to the fine restoration and maintenance work done by NPA members.

“While I haven’t seen the agreement between the NPA and the former Labor Government, if there is proof of any illegality associated with alleged side deals for cheap accommodation and exclusive access to the property, then I expect the Minister to bring the evidence forward and have the claims tested.

“Continuing innuendo and unsubstantiated claims of impropriety do harm to the Association, and cast a cloud over the work it does.

“The best resolution for everyone concerned is for the Minister to produce evidence of any wrongdoing, and have the matters tested through the appropriate legal avenues.”

Mr Elmes said that proven wrongdoing should not be tolerated, and nor should reputations be tarnished by claims of illegality which aren’t supported by proof.