Sunrise Hills to Peregian powerline - deferred 

The Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, has welcomed the formal decision by Energex to defer the proposed Sunrise Hills to Peregian powerline.

“While this is only a deferral at this stage, it is a welcome respite from the community’s point of view,” Mr Elmes said.

“A significant amount of time and effort has been put into considering the route and its impact on local residents as well as the environment by various active community groups and individuals. It has been a very trying time for affected residents as it always is when major community infrastructure is required,” Mr Elmes added.

“Energex also has invested heavily also not only in considering the route for the powerline but also in assessing electricity demand as well as in its consultation processes. Its revised assessment of future load growth appears to have led to this deferral at this time.

“Re-consideration is now off the agenda until 2020 at the earliest although monitoring is always on Energex’s agenda in meeting its mandate,” Mr Elmes said.

“Earlier correspondence to affected residents indicated that this 33,000 volt powerline was Energex’s preferred option. That may not be the case by 2020 as other technologies or other solutions are found,” he concluded optimistically.