Sunshine Coast Daily
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I write with reference to your editorial (SCD 14 November 2016), regarding the future use of the buildings which once made up the Tewantin TAFE. The TAFE opened in 2004 with 704 student enrolments and closed in 2014 with just 265 enrolments, 40 of which were high school students who did not attend the campus.

Whether it was the make-up of courses on offer or its geographical location and accessibility, the decision to close was a unanimous one, further evidenced by the Labor Government’s refusal to reopen it since being elected two years ago.

I have written to and met with the Minister for Training and Skills, Yvette D’Ath and her senior staff more than I care to recount seeking advice as to when a decision about the future of the facility would be made, to no avail. What should have been an opportunity for the local community has turned into a scandal for the State Government.

The last I heard the Queensland Government had a book value on what was the Noosa TAFE at over $3.5 million. At the close of business 30 November 2015, $17,532,184 worth of assets were transferred to TAFE Queensland. I wonder how many other collections of empty TAFE buildings are being allowed to decay across the State.

As I have said many times to the Minister and her senior staff, I will gladly stand beside her when she makes the announcement to sell, lease or rent the facility for community use, and congratulate her when she does.

Member for Noosa