17 August 2017

LNP to deliver sensible speed limits for Noosa

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will review speed limits on 100 Queensland roads to ensure limits are sensible and safe.
Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said, when in government, the LNP’s $350 million Road Safety Action Plan delivered Queensland’s lowest road toll on record.

“That plan included a review of speed limits on 100 Queensland roads, including a number in Noosa, to ensure limits were appropriate for individual roads, and the Palaszczuk Labor Government scrapped our life saving policy,” he said.

“I am regularly contacted by constituents about concerns for speed limits, some because they are too fast, some that are set too slow or because there are too many changes in speed across a short distance.

“Most recently I have been contacted by a number of locals about speed changes on Cooroy-Noosa Road and in particular, the replacement of an 80km per hour buffer zone with a ‘60km ahead sign’ which was seen by some as inadequate. To receive this level of concern following a speed reduction from 100km to 90km per hour, which I helped the community fight long and hard to achieve, demonstrates that the issue of speed and safety on our roads is of great concern to the community, as it should be.

“The down side of travelling under speed is of course congestion. Congestion costs motorists time and our economy money. Having ‘fit-for-purpose’ speed limits will help alleviate congestion and get Queenslanders home sooner.

“Many speed limits are a result of legacy limits which haven’t kept up to date with the increased standard of roads or do not take into consideration local variances, and that is why the LNP’s policy to invite communities to nominate roads for a speed review makes so much sense.

“Mr Elmes said the LNP would again ensure police and road safety engineers assess the speed limits on short-listed roads in Noosa to protect community safety.

“If returned to Government I will be calling on residents who live in the Noosa Electorate to nominate speed limits for review because they are the ones who drive these roads every day,” Mr Elmes said.

“The LNP’s Sensible Speed Limits Policy is a part of our plan to build safe and liveable communities which, in turn, will help us Build a Better Queensland.”   ENDS


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