13 September 2016

The True Colour of the Greens

Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes is outraged at the Greens’ latest attack, this time tweeting that the LNP is a party of child abusers.
Noosa Greens @NoosaGreens Sep 11
@GlenElmesMP has removed #LNP logo from his website - is he standing as an independent? or ashamed of membership with party of child abusers

This latest attempt at character assassination by the Noosa Greens is scandalous and irresponsible and one must wonder how on earth this sort of irrational behaviour serves the interests of people other than their own small membership base.

“The people of Noosa must carefully consider who they vote to represent them at the next state election. There is no place for this sort of behaviour in the parliament, indeed not in any community where trust and decency must prevail.

“This Saturday the Greens will decide which candidate will be pre-selected to contest the seat of Noosa. However, it appears from this tweet alone, that the Greens have masterfully revealed their true colours, and have proven without doubt that a vote for them is a vote for deception and chaos.
“This is not a playground and rumours and gossip are not going to cut it, particular actions that may be considered to be unlawful and illegal. Voters are sick and tired of this sort of behaviour and they should be.

“Elected representatives are voted to lead, to listen, and to set a good example; not to lie, divide and act with reckless abandon.

“I wonder if either of the candidates seeking pre-selection for the Greens will have the decency to come forward and apologise to the LNP, apologise to me as its representative in Noosa, and apologise to the thousands of responsible people in our community who support the LNP and its policies,” Mr Elmes said.