6 July 2016

$80,501 State Subsidy for St Andrew’s Anglican College

State Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes MP is delighted to announce that St Andrew’s Anglican College will receive a subsidy of $80, 501 from the Queensland Government to help them cover some of the hidden costs associated with capital works.

“The Queensland Government provides capital assistance to eligible non state schools through the External Infrastructure Subsidy Scheme to help ease the burden of local government charges associated with accessing council owned infrastructure such as sewage and water.

“The Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority is a not-for-profit organisation that receives and distributes capital funds to independent schools in Queensland on behalf of the Federal and State Governments.

“Regardless of being state or privately owned, schools are one of the biggest investments we make as governments and benefit the community as a whole. They are after all the stomping ground of our future leaders, inventors and artists, so ensuring that schools not only survive but flourish, is a crucial consideration for how the public purse is shared.

“This is great news for the St Andrews Anglican College community and will bring much relief I am sure to their accountant“ Mr Elmes said.