Is your pool summer ready?

State member for Noosa Glen Elmes is calling all pool owners to check if their pool complies with safety regulations to avoid the unthinkable and as of December 1, new hefty fines.

“Swimming pools are fun places, especially for children, however drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under the age of five years old. 

“A Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report released in 2014 revealed that more people drowned in swimming pools in Australia than at the beach. 

“It is time we applied the same vigilance to pool safety as we do to beach safety. Compliant pool fencing along with active supervision and learning to swim can save lives, “Mr Elmes said.

“From December 1 this year in Queensland all swimming pools, spas and portable pools that can be filled to a depth of 300mm and have a volume of more than 2000 litres must comply with pool safety laws.

“If you are a pool owner and your pool is not registered you face a $235 on the spot fine; and, if your pool barrier is also found not to be compliant, you will be hit with an additional $824 on the spot fine.

 “Some people may not be aware that these laws which have been phased in over five years from 2010, stipulate a fence height of atleast 1200mm; a gap of less than 100mm between the fence and the ground; and no climbable objects within 900mm from the outside and 300mm from the inside of the pool.

 “Many Sunshine Coast homes are designed to bring the outdoors in, and it may alarm some pool owners to learn that no doors from the house can directly access the pool area, and that windows opening to the pool area must be fixed so that they cannot open more than 100mm or must have security screens fitted,” Mr Elmes said.