How wicked can a camper be? Too wicked for me!

The use of slogans and imagery on vehicles that is deemed sexist, misogynistic, offensive and obscene is now illegal in Queensland but without the help from the community to report the advertising, a number of holiday van hire companies will ignore the law, according to State Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes.

“Before the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) (Offensive Advertising) Amendment Act 2017 was passed in the Queensland Parliament in February, advertising on vehicles was self-regulated by the industry.

“Which is how it came to be that slogans such as ‘it’s easier to apologise than ask for permission and ‘I can already imagine the gaffer tape on your mouth’ popped up around town on holiday vans vilifying women and encouraging an insidious culture of rape that exists in our society

“New laws make provision for vehicles deemed to carry offensive advertising such as this, to be de-registered and now that we have a legal instrument to use against this type of advertising, it will be up to the community as well as police, to be the eyes and ears of the law.

“I came across this particular Wicked Camper (pictured) at Noosa Junction and I found it offensive, as I am sure many other people did who were shopping there that day, not expecting to see such filth in such large and loud proportions.

“As required by law, I sent through the image to the Advertising Standards Bureau who will then determine if it does or does not comply with standards stipulated in the code. If it doesn’t the matter will be referred to the Director General of Transport and Main Roads, who will then give the owner of the registration 14 days to clean it up before the vehicle will de-registered.

Budget conscious tourists such as back packers are key targets for companies such as Wicked Campers and given the Noosa and the Sunshine Coast region is a popular tourist destination, it is really important we as a local community get on board and report, report, report, to protect our families from these offensive and damaging messages.

“To see for yourself, all be it a tame version of this material online visit .

“For more information call my office on 5319 3100 or to make a complaint visit or call Advertising Standards Bureau on 02 6173 1500."